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Nepenthes "pitcher plant"

Nepenthes "pitcher plant"

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Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants that have modified leaves known as pitfall traps. The traps are formed by specialized leaves that are shaped like pitchers, with a wide mouth and a narrow throat. The inside of the pitcher is often lined with downward-pointing hairs or bristles, which prevent prey from escaping. The bottom of the pitcher is filled with a liquid that contains digestive enzymes.

When an insect is attracted to the nectar or scent of the pitcher plant, it may land on the lip of the pitcher or slide down the slippery sides. Once inside, the insect may become trapped by the hairs or bristles, or it may drown in the liquid at the bottom of the pitcher. The digestive enzymes then break down the insect's body, and the plant absorbs the nutrients.

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